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New flexible numbering
New flexible numbering system.  

Separate numbers for:
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  -  Doctor's office medications
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CAM Commerce Point of Sale Integration

If you already own, or if you're looking for a Point of Sale (POS) system, we have an interface for a point of sale system that was specifically designed for pharmacies! PK Software Inc. has teamed up with CAM Commerce Solutions ( ) to provide a POS solution to the compounding pharmacy.

The POS software for pharmacies from CAM Commerce Solutions interfaces in real-time to The Compounder Rx system. As your prescriptions are filled by The Compounder Rx, your CAM Commerce point of sale Prescription Tracking Software is instantly updated with the Rx number, co-pay, patient name, etc.  Your customer picks up the prescriptions and any OTC's which are then scanned through the CAM point of sale, once the sale is complete, the Prescription Tracking Software is updated and a message is also sent back to your pharmacy system that the item has been picked up. The Prescription Tracking Software can give you a report of all outstanding unpaid prescriptions alphabetically which will allow you to audit your will call.

The Pharmacy POS Software offers your pharmacy:

  • IIAS Compliancy
  • SIGIS Eligible List
  • Auto Purchasing
  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Management
  • Multi-store Communications
  • Frequent Shopper
  • Integrated E-commerce
  • Credit Card Processing
  • E-signature Capture for HIPAA, Rx Log, Credit Card

Signature Solutions

  • The signature capture interface includes:
  • Receipt of HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP)
  • Rx log signature
  • Good Faith Signature attempt log
  • Pharmacist counseling waiver checkbox
  • House Charge Account Signature - Including sub accounts with signature ability for each
  • Credit Card Signature capture integration for X-Charge Processing
  • ATM Pin pad abilities for X-Charge Processing on the same devices

Integrated Wholesaler Support

Entering information into the Pharmacy POS software is quick and easy using any one of our wholesaler interfaces. With these industry specific interfaces, the system can import and update products and prices automatically. The software has built-in support for the following wholesalers:

  • Cardinal
  • McKesson
  • Amerisource-Bergen
  • DIK Drugs
  • Value Drugs
  • Promotions Unlimited
  • Hamacher
  • The F. Dohmen Company

Note:  PK Software does not sell the actual CAM software/hardware.  You will need to contact them to get details about their hardware, software, installation and training as well as other aspects regarding CAM software.  PK Software sells our interface to the CAM software.   Once you have decided to purchase CAM, please contact them.  They will schedule an installation date.  During the installation, they will need to contact PK Software so we can install our interface.  There is a charge from CAM for their POS software/hardware.  There is a charge & support fee from PK Software for our interface.

Integrating with The Compounder

Once you have installed the CAM POS and it is working, you will need to contact PK Software to purchase our interface module.  We will install the module for you.  Once the module is installed, The Compounder will be able to add/update patient and prescription information into the CAM system.  You simply scan the bar code that is generated by The Compounder and the data is easily retrieved at the CAM POS register.

More information:

For more information visit the CAM32 pharmacy point of sale site.