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New flexible numbering
New flexible numbering system.  

Separate numbers for:
  -  Prescriptions
  -  Controlled prescriptions
  -  Doctor's office medications
  -  OTC medications

Online Training Schedule, Info and Registration

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The Compounder software is just as valuable behind your counter as any other piece of equipment and you should be able to get the most out of it.

Online trainings offer a wide variety of benefits. They only require an internet connected computer and a telephone. If you have a speakerphone and a big screen, an entire room full of people can attend the training. Online training does not require any travel expense and a custom online training session can be scheduled at your convenience.

Each training will have a set length depending on the topic to be covered and will have a question and answer session at the end. The topics covered will include The Compounder Rx and The Compounder Lab as well as the various modules that are available. If you are a new user, you will want to attend the new user sessions. If you are an experienced user, we will have advanced trainings that go in-depth into specific features. The individual module trainings are for new and advanced users alike.

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Advanced user trainings will be held every few months and will go in depth to cover specific topics. Custom trainings can be scheduled for your pharmacy’s specific needs. Custom trainings can cover any topic you would like and provide one-on-one assistance to your pharmacy staff.

You can contact PK Software directly to setup a custom online training for your pharmacy.

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